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Production of anhydrous 1,4-dioxane

This invention relates to the production of anhydrous 1,4-dioxane by the dimerization of ethylene oxide in the presence of an acidic type of cation

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Washer 1800 PSI 1.2 GPM with 20-Foot High Pressure Hose,

: Briggs Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer 1800 PSI 1.2 GPM with 20-Foot High Pressure Hose, Turbo Nozzle Detergent Tank :

Cold shrinkable article including an epichlorohydrin

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Combustion and energy for the future

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Multi-stage filtration and softening module and reduced

(a) flowing pressurized water to be filtered 0.1 gfd/psi, minimum rejection of 80% and ato hold food grade compressed carbon dioxide gas

Butene oligomer derivatives having terminal 1,4-butanediol

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for pumping liquid from a well using wellbore pressurized

There is provided a method and apparatus for removing liquid from a well using well bore pressurized gas. A U-shaped tube having a small orifice near

US3112229 - Fuel cells - Google

that is to say up to 45 percent or even 50 percent by weight of the197714 United Technologies Corporation Pressurized fuel cell power plant

Composite polymer blast media

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Method and system for cleaning a water basin floor

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.3b-Applying wet-mix shotcrete in a swimming pool

506R-1506R-2 ACI COMMlTTEE REPORTChapter 4-material is conveyed by a pressurized air stream.recommended that strengths higher than 5000 psi (

System for controlling the stroke length of a double-

pressurized air to a first air cell and a grade chemicals must be delivered accurately and 1-4, the first and second sensors 52 and 54

Continuous semi-dense pneumatic conveying system and method

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Exhaust and/or condensate port for cured in place liners and

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Molecular imprinting of small particles, and production of

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Hoses and ready-to-use hose assemblies with fittings for wet cement mortar and lime mortar and for concrete. Application: plastering machines and concrete

Apparatus, method and system for measurement of sea-floor

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nitrate reductase under high pressure conditions in the

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Further extractions of metals in carbon dioxide and chelating

4. The chelating agent of claim 1 wherein ain the range of approximately 500 to 5000 psi. following which the system is pressurized via an

Apparatus for producing a curable polyurethane froth

1. An apparatus for the continuous production 29 and 30 are pressurized to minimize the psi as required through line 16 to create a

Breathing air replenishment control system

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Enhanced oil recovery process and apparatus

one end by a circumferential series, preferably to generate hot pressurized combustion gases for psi and temperatures up to the order of 4,500