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Quantum Optical Control of Single Spins in Diamond

Awschalom YaleChristopher GordonThe nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond transfer the spin between the ground and excited states, deriving spin

Some Phases of the Growth of Physiological Chemistry in America

high degree of perfection the amount of heat YALE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE John Howland0.12 gram of nitrogen per kilogram of body-

viciae-fabae) on dry matter degradability, and nitrogen,

(Uromyces viciae-fabae) on dry matter degradability, and nitrogen, phosphorusZ.A. PretoriusW.A. YalemshetEthiopian Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Neutron Transfer and the Tunneling Mechanism in the

Measurements have been made of the angular distributions of ${\mathrm{N}}^{13}$ nuclei produced in the neutron-transfer reaction ${\mathrm{Au}}^{197

Nitrogen variations on the main sequence of 47 Tucanae -

CT), AB(Yale University Observatory, New Havenenhancement of the surface nitrogen abundance occursmass transfer in close binaries also seem unlikely


Girma, Kefyalew et al., Nitrogen Accumulation in Shoots as a Function of Growth Stage of Corn and Winter Wheat , Journal of Plant Nutrition, Dec

Controls on the spatial patterns of carbon and nitrogen in

high- est elevations, which receive the greatest (0.4–3.1) Total inorganic nitrogen in wet Yale-Myers Forest (Kulmatiski et al., 2004)

Soil Acidification from Long-Term Use of Nitrogen Fertilizers

Soil Acidification from Long-Term Use of Nitrogen Fertilizers on Winter WheatGirma, KefyalewRaun, William RPenn, Chad JPayton, Mark E

Sproul Observatory, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore,

Yale University was transferred from Bethany, nitrogen-baked Illa-J plates under conditions of (1973). H2 PressureInduced Lines in the

Thorpes and Bunsens methods for the estimation of nitrogen

nitrogen in nitrates; contributions from the Sheffield Laboratory of Yale American Journal of Science HighWire Press ® Most Viewed Cited

Net removal of nitrogen through ingestion of phytoplankton by

low and high ingestion rates of nitrogen were Nitrogen removal by menhaden phytoplankton ingestionYale University Press, New Haven, CT Jeffrey SW

amino acid nitrogen in the maternal and fetal plasmas of she

and Amino Acid Nitrogen in the Maternal and Fetal Plasmas of Sheep and 7 to 32. 3The Yale Journal of Biology and MedicineDE BELLA, G

Multiple temperature sensitive devices using two heat pipes

depending on a pressure of the working fluid; nitrogen, argon, helium, neon and mixtures Yale Multiple temperature sensitive devices using


and ammonia nitrogen had accumulated in the rootsAlthough the relatively high osmotic pressure of Yale University Press. New Haven. 1939. 3. ,

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Requirement of Teff Grown Under

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Requirement of Teff Grown Under Dryland Production Kefyalew GirmaCrop ManagementGirma K, Reinert M, Ali MS, Sutradhar A,

The adult respiratory distress syndrome.

high-pressure, cardiogenic pulmonary edema, Qt At an F102 of .5 or less, nitrogen comprises Yale Journal of Biology and MedicineThe Yale

with pituitary-adrenal cortical hormones, nitrogen mustar

treated with pituitary-adrenal cortical hormones, nitrogen mustard, or x-Yale Journal of Biology and MedicineThe Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine

2/) -N/sub 2/(C /sup 3/Pi/sub u/) excitation transfer

excitation transfer cross section and radiative lifetimes of the nitrogen- Dunham Laboratory, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06520 Country of


(2345 YALE STREET, 2ND FLOOR, PALO ALTO, CA, 94306, US) Claims: The The valve is used to adjust the pressure above the liquid nitrogen in the

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Yale University, University of South Florida - College of Business Administrationhigh pressure hose, balance, tackle, slide rail, working oil cylinder, ac

NALP3-mediated inflammation is a principal cause of

Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, high in soluble oxalate (high oxalate in the nitrogen (BUN; Figure 1a) and creatinine (Figure

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this high-pressure, high-prestige medical specialtyPittsburgh, and completed a fellowship at Yale Sharisse Hosein MSc, MBA / 2015 2 27

in winter wheat due to temporal variability, and nitrogen

crop nutrients nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P).High variability across years in grain yield and Kefyalew GirmaKyle W. FreemanRoger Teal

Process for the catalytic cracking of nitrogen-containing

Hydrocarbon feedstocks containing relatively high levels of nitrogen contaminants are converted by catalytic cracking to products of lower average molecular w

Nitrogen Pollution in the Northeastern United States: Sources

Nitrogen (WATERSN; Castro and Driscoll 2002), high end of additional emissions reductions called (Yale University), Rick Haeuber (Clean Air

Ink jet recording medium

Yale, David A. (White Plains, NY, US) polymeric high molecular weight quaternary ammonium the nucleophilic nitrogen of the amine reactants