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Cycling biochip sensor

A cycling biochip sensor adsorber produced by immobilizing a ligand binding protein having high ligand affinity and specificity and capable of reversible

Olefin expoxidation using an oxorhenium porphyrin complex

at least one of R1, R2, R3, or R4 is an solvent at a temperature of from about 0° C. unsaturated triglycerides such as soybean oil,

Phenolic ester inhibitor

Phenolic esters wherein the phenolic groups are hindered by at least one ortho substituent. The esters are effective to impart thermal stability to olefin

Good heat-resistance, high transparency in visible light

Substituted 1,2,4-triazines, compositions thereof and methods of using same are described. The compounds of the invention exhibit a wide range of

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Substituted 2-hydroxybenzophenones, preparation thereof,

4-trimethoxy-benzophenone, 6,6-dimethyl-2-R1 and R3 have the meanings given in claim 1 Wettable Powder (WP) Active Ingredient Compound

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Antibiotics produced by new species of nocardia

C07G11/00; C12R1/365; (IPC1-7): A61K35at 265 nm with E1cm1% value of 320; has theCelmer WD, Cullen WP, Moppett CE, Jefferson

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Novel methine compounds, polymers containing them and formed

R1 is selected from cycloalkyl; cycloalkyl substituted with one or two of at least about 50 mol % ethylene glycol or 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol

Polyolefin graft polymers and lubricating compositions

Graft polymers derived from oil-soluble linear R1 can be hydrogen, but at least one of R1 SAE 5W-30 hydrocarbon motor oil formulation having

Method and probes for detecting nucleoside transporter and

(CH2)n CH3 and n is 1 to 12); A is HN R1 is H or acyl; R2 is C1 to C20 (SAENTA), a Novel Ligand with High Affinity

Susceptibility of biological stages of the horn fly, Haemato

Pfr1, and Pfr8 reduced adult emergence to 3.8at 25° C and ≈100% RH for 4 days to resistant horn flies (Diptera: Muscidae) Journal

Poly(4-methyl-1-pentene)/block copolymer blend

4-methyl-1-pentene under conditions where at R1 is a monovalent substituent selected from the WP twin-screw extruding machine at temperature

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2017723-1 WIRE HYDRAULIC HOSE 1 PIECE COIL SAE 100R1AT 1/4" 328.08' 3250PSI-WP in Business Industrial, Hydraulics, Pneumatics Pumps, P

Polyamic-acids prepared from 3,3,4,4-benzhydrol

at least two carbon atoms such as bis(4-aminotemperature between about 0° and about 100° CThe sulfoxides are defined by the formula R1 (

Shear fasteners

at least one side of the sheet-form base, thehigh temperature stability is required, fastener 3B and 3C, which are top views of row R1

Release agent for non-substrate liquid crystal display

according to claim 4, wherein R1 is methanyl.molecular weight between 100,000 and 1,000,000.being prone to deformation under high temperature

Polyester compositions containing the residue of a naphtho

R1 is hydrogen, hydroxy, hydroxyalkoxy, alkanoylat least 50 mol percent ethylene glycol or 1,4high temperature processing of the polymeric

CryIIB protein, insecticidal compositions and methods of use

FIG. 4 comprises FIGS. 4-1 through 4-4 andIn each map, H3 means HindIII; R1 means EcoRrecombinant plasmid would become ampicillin resistant

Evading Pgp activity in drug-resistant cancer cells: a

99%; Fig. 1B). Next, the Boc group was slow evaporation (18 days) at 4C (Fig. 2A)The final conven- tional agreement factor R1 was

Condensation polymer containing the residue of an acyloxysty

containing a mono-4-acryloxystyryl or bis-4- R2 is one of the groups specified for R1 or loss during high temperature processing of the

No-Skive 421-8 WP Hydraulic Hose (2000 PSI) SAE100R1AT-8 1

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Glass fiber reinforced sheets

(1) polyethylene terephthalate polyester, (2) a ##STR4## wherein R1 is a branched alkyl at a relatively high temperature of 151.8° C


A method of producing IgG1 subclass antibodies reactive to the surface of $i(Crystosporidium oocysts), the method comprising: (a) separating at least a